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Services to Owner Management Companies

  • Provide ongoing financial reports.
  • Manage creditor invoices through checking, approval and payment of same.
  • Prepare an annual budget for clients.
  • A full and trouble free rent collection service for clients.
  • Manage service providers and related costs.
  • Act as an authorised signatory for property owners.
  • Maintain an up to date database of lease information and registration with RTB.

On-Site Services

  • Properties’ inspections carried out at regular intervals.
  • Sourcing the best available service providers and managing all administration of contracts and costs.
  • Security, cleaning, caretaking, grounds maintenance & landscaping, waste management, public lighting, health & safety requirements all provided


  • Attend board/client meetings as required and liaise with owners through the Management Company.
  • Advise our clients on compliance with responsibilities, health & safety, landlord’s requirements including registration of lease with RTB.
  • Ensure that property insurance meets all requirements and handle any claims that may arise

Portfolio management

We offer owners of multiple properties a full portfolio management service.

When you deal with Albanne Property Management Limited, you engage professionals armed with proven property management and knowledge.  We will advise on various aspects of your portfolio such as:

Location, Current and prospective rental returns, Current and prospective capital growth prospects, Finance rates, Property condition, Maintenance issues.

Your investments need to be managed with the attention to continuously refine and advance an existing approach. Many investors feel they can handle their own property management services but with the ever changing legal requirements it can be difficult.  That’s where a company experienced in the day to day management can ensure the best return and enhancement on your investments into the future.

The importance for Albanne Property Management Limited is that we don’t just have a person managing your property we have a team and the designated property manager will take the lead and act as the main contact person.  There is a full backup team who have the same ethos and expertise which protects your investments.

We offer an unsurpassed investment knowledge working for you.